Common Bond’s Pastry Chef Creates Special Tart For The Houston Chocolate Hero Month

This Sesame Cake Tart with Whipped Sesame and Earl Grey Ganache was created by our Pastry Chef Rakesh Nayak. 

Pastry Chef Rakesh Nayak is excited to be a part of Callebaut Chocolate and Houston Food Finder’s first Houston Chocolate Heroes Month. To celebrate the occasion, our chef created the Sesame & Earl Grey Tart with Chai Caramel and it will be highlighted in the Passport Promotion this Sunday, January 27 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. All participants will receive a 6-pack of Marcrons for FREE with the promotion. Please join us Sunday!

The Sesame Earl Earl Grey Tart is currently available through February 10, as part of Callebaut’s Belgium Chocolate and Houston Food Finders Chocolate Hero Month.

“I created this pastry to describe myself and my expertise,” explained Chef Nayak, who is from the Eastern world. “This Tart
brings together some Asian flavor combined with Western technique, and I infused chai flavor to the caramel as a personal touch.”

Crafted in one of the oldest cocoa roasteries in Belgium and made from the best, sustainable cocoa beans from West Africa, Callebaut’s Finest Belgium Chocolate is proudly served at Common Bond Cafe and Bakery!

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  1. We were in town from Ohio for our daughter’s major cancer surgery at St. Lukes Hospital. Your new cafe at Holcombe Ave was a mile walk from the hospital, but worth the effort. Not only was your food superb (the French onion soup was full of onions and NOT overly salty, the French dip sandwich was filled with juicy roast beef in a wonderfully crusty baguette, the beef bourguignon had a most savory gravy, and the pastries were all extremely delicious), but the staff were so kind, helpful, and generous to give us a few extra pastries. We had to come back for three visits before our daughter was discharged.

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